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Leaders-for-a-Day: Ahmed Msheliza

Growing up I understood that almost everyone needs a mentor in order to be successful no matter the field he/she is striving in. Leader for a Day offers several unique experiences, one of which is valued a lot - mentoring and sharing experiences. In this fast pacing world young people are intimidated by many factors and we as the next generation would benefit the most by connecting with people who have already been in the same field. 

I could not have been more excited and grateful for this wonderful opportunity for the other young people and me, chosen to meet Europe’s leaders in business and learn firsthand how to be one.

I believe that certain skills are required in order to succeed skills such as social, IT, presentation, negotiation and many more. The leaders are going to share some of their insight on how to manage yourself and other in order the business to excel in the right way. This amazing opportunity could only add to our experience, as eager to learn and open-minded young entrepreneurs. 

Picking the leaders brains for a day will certainly give us a better understanding of how business works in the real world. I am confident that the leaders are also keen on meeting the youth and future of Europe’s business.   

I hope that this unique event leaves a permanent mark in my mind and inspire me to reach out to my dreams and fulfill them. It is an incredible honor and privilege to be among the 40 young people chosen to participate in this event. I am eager and excited for the upcoming week.


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