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Leaders-for-a-Day: Arnaud Böhmer

My name is Arnaud, I am 17 years old and living in Brussels since 2000. My father is German and my mother is French, so I grew up in a European environment. I am currently studying at the French School for my Baccalaureate in the scientific section. Consequently, I would like to undertake a general engineering degree, to be able in a future time to manage projects in the field of sustainable development and energy.

Last year, the JA Programmes enable me to create and launch a business project: as responsible for the technical department, we developed a foldable and renewable bottle to struggle against massive plastic pollution in oceans. To innovate and achieve our aim, I learned it is worth to work interdisciplinary within a group of students who share the same interest.

I particularly appreciate sport and music. First, I am involved in a Belgian championship called Rhéto Trophee which combines athletics, cycling and aquatic sports. Judo and swimming are both practiced sports too. Furthermore, as a saxophonist, I am part of a music band, which plays regularly at local festivals and events.

“Leaders for a Day provides young people […] with the opportunity to learn from a leader by shadowing him/her for one day.” With the following presentation, the initiative appealed to me by the fantastic experience offered by JA Europe to young European students. After I passed the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) at the end of our company project, I was wholeheartedly convinced that both experiences created a certain interest and enthusiasm toward entrepreneurship subjects. Nonetheless, especially during the university application preparation, I felt something was missing in my curriculum: even if I gained experience during several summer placement or projects, there was a lack of personal confrontation with an experienced professional with the necessary time and space to meet and shadow him/her.

Furthermore, I feel a particular motivation to meet and follow a leader inside the enterprise’s structure and have an overview of the requirements for this workplace, which hopefully will help me to make several meaningful career choices. Thus, I consider the initiative creating a connection between education and the main business actors because it will certainly benefit both sides on the long term: students gain experience from leaders to guarantee a dynamic and sustainable future. In addition, I expect to meet a passionate and comprehensive leader, members and representatives of European organisations and maybe business partners, to build and expand my network.

Finally, I will have the opportunity to meet other young people from all across Europe who share a common interest in entrepreneurship and within this group, visit for example the European parliament, because there is a significant part of entrepreneurship related to communication, social relationships and team work.


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