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Leaders-for-a-Day: Davide Puleo

Hi everybody, my name is Davide Puleo, I’m an Italian  student and I live in Palermo.

In the lines below, I’ll share with you how I feel at the moment and what are my thoughts and my expectations before going to Brussels next Thursday, joining the activity “Leaders for a day”(L4D).

But first of all, let’s talk about me and my interests.

I’m presently attending the last year of the High School in Maths and Science section. I like learning foreign languages, in fact I’ve studied French, German and I went twice to England to improve my English. 

I love Music and going to the theatre, I’ve been playing the piano for four years, and when I’m tired or thoughtful, the first thing I do is turning on my Mp3 player and relax, letting my mind go away on the notes of the melodies.

By the way, I still can’t believe I am among the 40 selected students that will leave for Brussels. This opportunity could be determinant and decisive for my future, just for three simple reasons:

  • I’m going to spend an entire day in close contact with some of the most important figures in Marketing and Management in Europe
  • I’m going to meet peers from almost all Europe, who have my same ambitions  and same inspirations and objectives too
  • I’m going to face with a completely new experience, speaking another language, with unknown people

The opportunity of being involved in a work day simulation, shadowed by a European leader, is not for everyone. Certainly, I hope I’ll learn from my leader’s experience as much as possible, maybe how to move in the labour market and, above all, in which direction. This means that after this experience, I think I will have learnt how to build necessary skills for success in the marketplace, I will have expanded my knowledge and my network in this area and I will have improved my entrepreneurship and my economic/financial abilities.  

Furthermore, I hope I will be more informed before making my career, and before choosing the best course of study to reach my dream of being an international manager. 

Meeting new people who share the same interest is an excellent chance to establish relationships and partnerships for the future. Even though I’ll meet teenagers from countries far from Italy, such as Portugal, Estonia, Denmark or Belgium, the remoteness could evolve into a stimulus to help each other, compare our creative ideas and business projects, identify weaknesses and strengths, basing our opinions and decisions on a different point of view and rating method, just because we have different origins.

It should not be underestimated that I will have the possibility to visit an outstanding city like Brussels, being accommodated in an important hotel of the town, during the school year, while all my classmates are doing their homework without any break. I’m not very honest against them, but I actually think we sometimes need to take the train of the opportunities which runs rarely in front of us. My parents taught me that “we must be always ready”, and fortunately my readiness got me this beautiful occasion.

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