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Leaders-for-a-Day: Patrícia Molnárová

Approximately a year ago, our student company started thanks to JA Company. At that time, all I had was knowledge. I didn’t know what to expect. I was just trying to participate as much as possible so that I could get at least some experience. We created a name and set our goals, then we had a first school meeting where we introduced our company and basically we went step by step and experienced every important moment in our company as a team. We became more creative, cooperative, representative. I saw that on my classmates, we really did better and better everyday and so my opinion about business completely changed. 

I realized that even if there was not always a successful day, even if we made a mistake it pushed us forward, never backwards.

Thanks to all the experience in company and other interesting JA events I realized that there is not such a thing as failure. There’s a thing named feedback, which will tell you if you do something wrong. This kind of feedback is motivation for me to fix the weaknesses and to improve myself everyday. For many people it may mean failure, but not for me anymore.

After we completed all the experience with student company, reviewed our abilities and got the ESP certificates, other awesome opportunity appeared. Leaders for a day. And I said to myself „When Opportunity Knocks on your door, take it and cherish it“. 

However, I must admit that at the beginning, I couldn’t imagine that there was a real possibility for me to get the opportunity. However, I tried and did everything to be as good as possible. I knew that there was a big chance that I wouldn‘t be successful and therefore I was so excited when I got the email with the subject: „Welcome to Leaders-for-a-Day in Brussels!“ At first, I couldn’t believe that. Then I realized that I’m going to be a part of really special event and I believe that it will be the next awesome experience thanks to JA Company. 

Now, when I have the chance to meet a leader of big and successful company I have many expectations. I’m very curious about many things that I’m going to experience on that day. One of them is definitely that I’m going to experience the normal working day of successful leader. I’m very excited and on the other hand I don’t know what to expect. The only thing that I’m sure about is that it will be very valuable experience for me. I will see all the necessary things that leader is been going through every day in world of business. I believe that I will have opportunity to see every important decision he must make everyday and every activity which is important in business. The next thing I’m curious about is what is he like in contact with people. How he motivates his employees and how he manages to lead the whole company. Other aspect that I’m curious about is time-management, how is he able to lead and to do all the important things realated to leadership. In my opinion, the most valuable thing I could get would be his advice, which would help me in my future steps. 

What else do I expect from this opportunity? I will meet new successful people from abroad as well. This event could give me the chance to see business in a different way. I will learn more about entrepreneurs and leaders, about team-work because there are also other activities for us and since I cooperated with JA before I know that it is going to be amazing. It will certainly further my knowledge about marketing, which is also my priority at school, as well as in future and I believe that working together with a successful leader for one day will be unforgettable experience.

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