Leaders-for-a-Day: Nikolas Rønholt - experience

Becoming a leader for one day

Nikolas Rønholt, a 19 years old young man from Denmark took part in the ‘Leaders for a Day’ initiative, together with 35 other young people from 14 European countries, recipients of the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass, a certification of entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and attitude from JA Europe. They got offered the opportunity to step in the shoes of business and policy leaders for one day. Nikolas visited Euractiv and spent the day with their editor-in-chief, Daniela Vincenti.

I participated successfully in JA Europe's warm up session, and after a really good first day in Brussels together with young, intelligent and creative entrepreneurs from all over Europe, I felt prepared to meet with my leader, Daniela Vincenti, editor-in-chief of EurActiv.

First of all I would like to thank Ms. Vincenti for sharing her work day with me. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to shadow such an inspirational person for one day. She really made me feel the busy life of a leader going from one meeting to another. 

Even though it was a really busy day Ms. Vincenti made me feel comfortable.

I started the day by listening to the panel discussion on TTIP that she was moderating. I learned about the difficulty on reaching an agreement on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Immediately after the event, we went straight to another meeting with the polish ambassador discussing the topic immigration ahead of the EU summit.

This unique insight in a leader’s day gave me a lot of different impressions and I am sure that this will help me in the future when I will have to decide what to do in my life concerning for example education. 

It has always been my plan to work outside of Denmark, and this experience surely convinced me to spend some of my working life abroad.

Finally, a big thank you to JA Europe for making this day possible and enriching my life.

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