Leaders-for-a-Day: Šárka Königová - experience

Being a part of the JA Company Programme and receiving the ESP certificate enabled me to visit Brussels, where I had the chance to meet another 35 incredibly talented, pleasant and ambitious students from all over the Europe and shadow Mrs. Michaela Šojdrová, member of the Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats), during her work day in the European Parliament.

My day in the Parliament started with joining a working group, where my leader had a one minute speech. A serious theme was being discussed and I was overwhelmed with the overall atmosphere and fascinated by the interpreters above translating the speeches into different languages.

After she finished her speech we hurried for an appointment with the German ambassador into the German embassy in Brussels and then we went back to the Parliament for lunch.

Later during the day we had one more appointment with the Hungarian member of Parliament and I also got to know all Mrs. Šojdrová's assistants, visit their offices and shadow their work a little bit too.

It has been a really busy and exhausting day, but I really appreciate this opportunity, because I could really see what the job as a member of the European Parliament involves and what responsibilities does it take.

I am also very grateful for being able to make a quick speech at the Entrepreneurial School Awards supported and hosted by my leader the day after. The event gathered several members of the European Parliament, European Commission officials, JA Europe board members and teachers. I was pretty nervous to speak in front of such an important audience, but everyone made me more comfortable by their positive and nice attitude.

I would like to thank JA Czech and JA Europe for making this amazing experience possible and especially big thank you to the JA Europe's team, which guide us through our trip in Brussels and enabled us to have such a great memories that I will never forget.

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