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Leaders-for-a-Day: Anmolpreet Singh - experience

I had expected a lot from this experience but I could never imagine what this experience really has gave me, I had the chance to follow a great Leader, his name is Neil McMillan (Director Advocacy and Political Affairs of Eurocommerce).

First of all I have to tell you that I was really new into this world, I had knew almost nothing about his job and company, so the morning session had started with a short summary about what the company was doing, then we attended a food council, it was really insipiring seeing a company that could bring together all this distributors on the same table talking about common issues, then we had some smaller internal meetings, we had a business lunch organized by the Metro group, the argument was food wastage, it was a really intresting discussion, after the lunch we had some other smaller meetings.

But the really Intresting thing apart from the job was his life experience, he had told me all about his past, starting from the studies, his work, his career, because i’m sure that it is very important to have a guide at this point of life, I had a lot of great leaders to follow, but they were very far from me, they were only in the news, but meeting a leader like him that has shared a whole life of great achievement with me and gave me some great tips was really helpeful. I think that the smile that you see in the photo is the starting point of my career so if someone his going to ask me in my future when i have decided to become what I’m now I will remember the date of 14/10/15 and the name of this great man. Leaders are first human being and only after that they are successull man and womans, that it’s the essence of what I learned.

But in this three days I have met also some other wonderfull people, first of all the JA staff, they have organized this great day and prepared me for having the right attitude for enjoyng the Leader For a Day experience in the best way, but the best persons that I’have met were JA Alumni from all over Europe, they all had some similar past experience like me and the same expectation from life, in their eyes I have saw a bright Europe and future, we were the leaders of that day and of all the days that are yet to come. 

I’m very thankful to JA Europe for this great experience and to EuroCommerce.

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