Leaders-for-a-Day Experience: Nikola Rybarova

It is true that we need to start from somewhere, and I can say that my starting point was JA as it really helped me grow and improve myself. It started with a mini-company we created in school where I was vice-president of manufacture, then the competition with other mini-companies in Bratislava and now, the Leaders-for-a-day. The most exciting experience I have ever had.

I had a great time with new people from all over the Europe and amazing day with an amazing leader, Geert Vaerenberg at Manpower. This experience gave me a lot. I have learnt important things that can help me further more in life. I got a lot of useful advice, such as how important it is to listen to people, your colleagues and employees, and try to understand and cooperate with them, have a good relationships with them and, most of all, everyone can be content and do their work properly - and with excitement. It also helped me much in my personal side, because I needed to overcome my fear and anxiety. I want to thank Mr. Vaerenberg, Manpower and JA Europe for helping me have one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

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