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Leaders-for-a-Day: Daniel Calleja Crespo, Director General, DG Environment, European Commission


We received Ms. Kosara Yankova early in the morning at DG Environment. She took part in our team meeting where I explained to her our agenda for the day. In the morning, we attended the meeting of the Council of Members of the European Organization for Packaging and the Environment.  In the afternoon, she participated in the "Away Day" of Directorate A, aimed at motivating the staff and stimulating methods and best practices to work better together. Afterwards, we visited the company Umicore, a production plant specialised in refining precious metals, where we realised the importance of recycling for the Circular Economy. During our trip back to Brussels, we shared our experiences and opinions. 


And more specifically:

  • I really enjoyed Kosara's fresh input to many complex files as well as to the way we work.
  • It could have been useful to have spent the day before with her, to give her some guidelines and orientations for the coming day. 
  • I would certainly recommend this experience to other leaders as a way to receive feedback and to show to young people the challenges we face in our daily work. 


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