Leaders-for-a-Day Experience: Tomáš Šindel

Priceless experience, a ton of new contacts, opportunities everywhere! This is what the Leaders-for-a-Day event meant to me. However, only these few words just cannot express how I am thrilled I met such amazing and talented people. Friendliness of everyone I spent my time with astonished me. The fact I could spend the whole workday with the CEO of Hill+Knowlton Strategies changed the way I see my future. A lot of various nationalities have been working here. Belgians, English, French, Americans and much more! It is amazing to see how pleasant the international environment can be. 

My leader Mr. Thomas Tindemans was interested in project of our former JA Company and about the JA programme in general. He really appreciates its contribution to the society and supports education in entrepreneurship.Throughout the day we participated in several meetings where I had an opportunity to watch my leader and his working process. I must admit I have never seen such an open-minded leader. It was obvious to see he sparks the best in his colleagues and my opinion is that is how a good leader should act. Person who can motivate others to make their work at its best. I have also discovered the opportunity about internship in Hill+Knowlton Strategies. Three months of work in such workplace in the European centre are something I feel really excited about.

I really enjoyed these three days which gave me not only many valuable experience but the opportunity to spread my network to the international level. So much new people with different unique personalities, JA staff who were more kind and helpful than I could ever imagine and many members of other companies. Good relationships were made and I am really looking forward to see how solid our network gets!

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