Leaders-for-a-Day Experience: Paulo Ferreira

My experience with the Leaders-for-a-Day program was amazing. François Lhémery, from France, is the Senior Director of Policy for Microsoft EMEA and the leader I followed in October 14th in Brussels. I had the opportunity to talk and get to know François, what he did in his life and that he started the same as me: an entrepreneur!

François was the best leader that I could “shadow” due to his sympathy, knowledge and common points of view that he and I shared. I came to know that Microsoft was supporting various programs and institutions besides Junior Achievement such as “All You Need Is Code” and “YouthSpark” and a “whole new world” of Microsoft products. I also learned that Microsoft takes their job of creating policies and preventing cyber crimes, such as piracy, very seriously and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

The Leaders-for-a-Day programme provided me with a great opportunity to meet a motivational, professional and great leader that has already provided so much to the world. Because I could talk to François, observe him and speak with him, I learned so much on how to prepare myself for what’s coming in my future! 

The Leaders-for-a-Day programme brings so much value to students, such as myself because it provides the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills and personal values in ways that traditional education doesn’t. I can only say that I enjoyed the day a lot and want I also want to express my gratitude to JA Europe, JA Portugal and François Lhémery, my leader!

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