Leaders-for-a-Day Experience: Nikola Sýkorová

It’s hard to sum up my Brussels experience in just a few words, because it was an incredible experience. Immediately after arrival we spent four hours networking at warm-up session and trying to remember all our names (unfortunately we weren‘t completely successful) and learning about our leaders.

I had the opportunity to shadow MEP Martina Dlabajová, who is a very positive and inspiring woman. I went with her to all her meetings and tried to work as a part of her team, which I found extremely challenging. What I liked the most was her WhyNot project, which provides students with the opportunity to participate in internships. Her colleagues also showed me the parliament and answered all my questions. We finished our day together at an evening cocktail, where all 36 participants and their leaders shared their Leaders-for-a-Day experience.

Sightseeing in Brussels at night was a perfect end to the whole day. It taught me that it’s important not to be afraid of speaking in English, because we all make mistakes and no one really cares if you use a wrong tense or miss a word.

I’m glad I could participate in the Leaders-for-a-Day initiative and meet so many amazing people, which I hope to keep in touch with. Finally, I would like to thank Elena, JA Europe and JA Czech for this chance.

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