Leaders-for-a-Day Experience: Patrícia Molnárová

I was expecting that during this day I will see the normal day of leader and I will have some experience. However, this day gave me a lot more than that. After one day with Inge Boets from Porter Novelli I realized that I want more from my life than before. When I was at one meeting with her and topic marketing strategies came out I was paralyzed. I had to put it on paper and so my motivation appeared. After coming home I tell myself that I have to study marketing at University after graduating and so that is what I’m going to do. I want to further my study experience and my motivation for that is on that paper with marketing tactics and strategies.

And so now I know that marketing is not only about earning money and about ways how to profit. For example, working with clients is really impressive thing. It is a real study for me. Moreover, when I saw how kind is Inge to her team I thought that I would like to work for company like Inge’s, too. Every person in that company has job which fits her/him the most. Every person in that company is special in something else and Inge knows about that. Thanks to this the company works perfectly and it is getting better every day. In addition to her team, she perfectly knows their clients, too. In my opinion, all these awesome things must have taken years and years of experience. And I really appreciate that I could spent with her one day.

It was pleasure to meet her and JA team as well. In very short time I learn many things, which helped a lot to improved my current studies in Secondary School where I study marketing in tourism. Thanks to JA Company I experienced a special day with the special leader and I can’t even say how much I am thankful for that. I was concerned that this opportunity would be unforgettable. And it really is. Thank you so much for that!

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