Leaders-for-a-Day Experience: Tilde Dahlmann

Sometimes you just have to take opportunity the present themselves. This was the case with my participating in Leaders-for-a-Day, I got a call from JA Europe one day and four days later I was sitting on a plane heading to Brussels, on my way to shadow a top leader for a day. 

It actually all started because I took the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) exam this summer. JA Europe contacted me long time ago and we shared some emails. I thought that maybe that was it, but then they called me and they invited me to this huge event.

I arrived at my hotel and met 36 other very ambitious students from all over the Europe. We then took part in a warm-up-session which went very well and the day after, each of us was well prepared to meet our leader. 

My top leader was Barbara Wynne from Accenture, who welcomed me to experience her day-to-day work-life. What an inspiring woman. Together, we went to meetings with business people around Brussels, held meetings with her clients and got to know one another. We learned as much as we could about each other and she taught be as much as she could about her company, Accenture. When the office day was over, we went to a cocktail with the rest of the JA Europe alumni and their respective leaders. Here, we were able to learn about the different experiences of participants, even the leaders shared their stories. Leaders-for-a-Day was such a great day, helping me learn so much. It just goes to show that sometimes you have to jump at  opportunities that present themselves – I am certainly glad I did.


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