Emma Brandstedt Intern

Emma joined JA Europe in September 2017 and is focusing on JA in relation to Business Sustainability. She took part in the Company Programme 2010/2011 and got rewarded for her entrepreneurial spirit with a scholarship. Later she got an internship for a sustainable fashion brand in New York City. This is how she discovered her deep interest in sustainability, and soon decided to peruse a Bachelor of Science degree in Global studies for the University of Gothenburg. After studying in both Turkey and Vietnam she got interested in the role education has for societies development, and finally completed her bachelor thesis about United Nation’s concept Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) focusing on Swedish JA students’ views on Business Sustainability. 

As a JA Alumni, Emma has also done ‘inspirational speaking’ at local JA kick-off events and been in the Jury for a local JA School initiative for Business Sustainability. In addition Emma is a co-founder of a Student Sustainability organization in Sweden and strongly believes in business as an important agent for Sustainable Development.

Email: emma[at]jaeurope.org

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