Juan Jose Corral Diaz Intern

My name is Juan José, I am 20 years old, and I am from Burgos, Spain. I study Business Administration in the University of Burgos (UBU) and I am on the third year of my degree. I speak Spanish and English, and that is why I study the career in bilingual, and I have come to Brussels to do the first semester of my third year, to improve my English skills and to do my first internship here, in JA Europe. I am a responsible person but also a very sociable person, and I am always open to learn new things and live new experiences, I can adapt to different situations easily, and for me there is no problem in working or do things with or without a plan. As in my normal and social life I like to do things without a plan, letting myself go and see what happens enjoying the moments, but in university and work I know that planning is necessary. And as one of my strengths I am very independent, I like to do things on my own, be my own leader and solve my own problems (working or in normal life) but I have no problem working in a group and listen, learn, improve, enjoy teamwork and make bonds and friends.

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