Antoinette Lansana Evaluation and Learning Manager

Antoinette is a Researcher with a passion for Impact Measurement. She enjoys Research Analysis and Project Management, both skills which she grew in her previous roles from NGOs and a fast-paced Social Impact agency.

Using research for strategy and innovation is a major strength that she has - She loves working to help young people,  vulnerable people and pressing global issues such as climate change. A self-proclaimed 'data-nerd' who enjoys sourcing and coordinating participants for research, analysing qualitative and quantitative data and justifying the processes she would take with evidence-based models.

She's highly competent in qualitative and quantitative research strategies and an important factor for her is translating data into efficient and informative formats so that every and any audience can learn from and utilise this valuable asset. The successful Global Rare Disease Day 2021 with Eurordis, the Love Sex Life project in London and the UK-Wide Big Education Conversation are the projects which drove her interest to join the niche Monitoring Evaluation Research and Learning World. She enjoys dealing with multiple dataset types and refining and improving project outcomes according learnings.

The Social research skills She gained from her MSc in Global public health policy from Queen Marys UOL help facilitate the important learning and development questions.


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