How has their entrepreneurial experience impacted their lives? Who are these young entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders and how are they contributing to job creation and growth? JA Europe is launching FERD’S LIST, a European list of young and inspirational entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders.

  • Why Europe Matters

    Why Europe Matters

    JA Europe and members of The European Round table of Industrialists (ERT) are launching a survey on "Why Europe Matters".
    “Why Europe matters” will reach out to young Europeans, to invite their opinions on issues of concern to them, to work with them towards developing an agenda for action, and to invite leaders to engage with them.

  • JA marketplace 2017

    JA marketplace 2017

    JA Marketplace offers an opportunity to JA secondary school student companies to show off their innovative ideas and sell their products and services in a public setting. It is also an opportunity to meet young people from other countries, their teachers and business volunteers.

  • JA Back to School

    JA Back to School

    ‘JA Back to School’ aims at bringing National Members of the Parliament (MPs) and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) Back to School. The intent is to have policy-makers across Europe (re)connect with schools in their country and witness entrepreneurship education in action. 

  • Global Enterprise Project

    Global Enterprise Project

    A unique campaign under the JA Company Programme umbrella that involved since 2011 hundreds of business people from diverse global companies to raise young people's awareness on globalisation, foster entrepreneurship and reinforce the skills they need for the modern workforce.

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