Other Initiatives

  • Skills for the Future

    Skills for the Future

    JA Europe is partnering with Hyundai Motor Europe to promote greater understanding and awareness among young people about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills, entrepreneurship and skills for their future employability. The “Skills for the Future’’ initiative is expanding these organizations’ existing good practices with educators and key stakeholders in the business community. During the 3-year initiative, 10,000 young people between the ages of 15 and 18, in 15 European countries will have the opportunity to try their hand at enterprise, learn valuable STEM skills and apply their knowledge in new ways. With support from their teachers, they will be exposed to a variety of learning-by-doing approaches and work with Hyundai business volunteers from all over Europe. Over 400 employees from the business community will volunteer.

  • Social Enterprise Programme

    Social Enterprise Programme

    Social enterprise is an important development in the face of today’s huge socio-economic challenges. It’s a leap beyond responsible business to new, innovative social solutions. Moreover, young people like the idea of applying business skills and ingenuity to solve social problems in sustainable ways. The partnership that we are proposing here brings the worlds of education, training, skills, work and community closer together to inspire and recognize young social entrepreneurs. Its aim is to increase the pool of potential social entrepreneurs by providing access to education in social enterprise to young people aged 15-18 across Europe – we call it the “JA Social Enterprise Programme”.

  • Social Innovation Relay

    Social Innovation Relay

    The Social Innovation Relay (SIR) is a global competition organized in collaboration with Nationale-Nederlanden (NN) that challenges secondary school students to develop an innovative business concept that addresses a social need. The program is specifically designed to increase access to entrepreneurship education and to boost the benefits associated with such education. SIR provides young people with the hands-on skills and entrepreneurial expertise needed to start a successful career through a combination of virtual and face-to-face mentoring by experienced executives.

  • Youth Entrepreneurship Award

    Youth Entrepreneurship Award

    Together, AmCham EU and JA are putting youth entrepreneurship in the spotlight by showcasing young people who have chosen to become entrepreneurs and sending a positive message to the media and policymakers. Each year, thousands of JA alumni enter Europe’s economy as potential entrepreneurs. Since 2013 the AmCham EU Youth Entrepreneurship Award in cooperation with JA Europe leverages JA’s network to identify young people who have participated in a JA programme, made it past the initial start-up phase and have a business concept with strong growth potential.

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