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JA Europe and partners committed to a more sustainable future by 2030

17 September 2018

With the power to end poverty, build financial and career resilience, as well as prepare for the future of jobs, JA is ready to celebrate the Global Goals Week. Since 2015, local and regional JA offices, business stakeholders, and schools have a unique opportunity to align their collective work to The Global Goals. The goals were developed to enable us all - the citizens in the world - to understand and act accordingly, to make sure that we in cooperation can create the future we want to live in.

As Europe’s leading organisation in the field of entrepreneurial education, JA Europe possesses a unique position to influence the future leaders of Europe, and is hence strongly committed to contribute with the most of our ability to reach these goals. As each one of these goals have a crucial value of importance we cannot recognize one as more important than the others, but we have realized that there are three goals which JA Europe has at the heart of our organization while they are closely related to the design of our mission and structure. Yet, our ambition does not stay at these three goals, we are committed to bring more of the complexity of the SDGs into our entrepreneurial programmes.

“We believe in harnessing young people’s potential. The SDGs present a set of very complex challenges, but there is no doubt that youth have what it takes to come up with solutions, and even more important, make them happen”

– Caroline Jenner, CEO at JA Europe.

Goal#4 - Quality Education

We are convinced that Quality Education is the key to unlock the abilities of our young Europeans, and this is why we committed to training, tools and methods which are making sure that all our students receive the entrepreneurial, work readiness and financial literacy skills they need to understand and reach their potentials, but also to enable them to see how their decisions influence their future.

Our programmes teach experienced-based-learning which is proven to be an effective tool creating concrete learning outcomes. With this approach JA Europe and our members managed not only to reach 3.6 million students in 70 327 schools divided in 41 different countries 2017, but we are also able to bring knowledge, experiences and skills to our students from a variety or sectors to make sure our students learning experiences are linked to the professional reality.

On the ground we see how our students’ engagements in positive societal contributions is booming in our competitions. This is a sign of the creativity, innovative thinking, and capabilities the JA students have and develop, but also of the great work JA’s member organisations and partners do to support these students. As we are now starting to recognize our work in relation to the Sustainable Development we are also starting to elaborate on what larger initiatives we can bring to our students together with our member organisations, corporate partners, MPs, and MEPs

Goal#8 – Decent work and economic growth

As United Nations states, the creation of quality jobs will remain a major challenge for almost all economies well beyond 2015. 470 million jobs are needed globally for new entrants to the labour market between 2016 and 2030, of which a large quantity is directly tied to youth unemployment, and this is why we are committed to understand and enlarge the impact of entrepreneurial education.

Though our 3 year project the “Innovation Cluster for Entrepreneurship Education” (ICEE) we have been working with 4 Ministries of Education, 3 research institutes, and 5 national JA organisations to analyse the impact of entrepreneurship education and focused on understanding what is needed to increase the penetration of entrepreneurship education in European schools. In addition to this the network of experts in our initiative the European Entrepreneurship Education NETwork (EE-HUB) have a strong focus on stimulating further developments and make policy recommendations that will help increase the uptake of entrepreneurship education across Europe, all in line with proposals included in the EU’s Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan.

While already piloting carefully designed programmes for increasing our sustainable and green contributions JA Europe is looking forward to further explore how our members can contribute in the European Commission’s ambitious Circular Economy Package which aim to boost competitiveness, create jobs and generate a sustainable growth.

Goal#17 – Partnership for the goals

Multi-stakeholder partnerships will be crucial to leverage the inter-linkages between the Sustainable Development Goals to enhance their effectiveness and impact and accelerate progress in achieving the Goals. Therefore SDG #17 calls for greater collaborations – and so do we. For us, our extensive relationships with governments, industry and schools makes us positioned to be a leader among NGOs in contributing to the SDGs.

Our over 5000 business partners across Europe engage 165 000 business volunteers whom are bringing outside experiences into the classrooms and often challenge the students to come up with sustainable solutions to develop their innovative abilities. Together we make sure that JA Europe are able to provide our students with the necessarily skills they need to contribute to the Sustainable Development.

We are excited to further investigate and develop our work in line with the sustainable development goals with our member organizations and partners and will make sure to contribute to the fullest of our capabilities.

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