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Citi: Mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs

Through our direct involvement with Junior Achievement (JA) these past 15 years, we at Citi Romania, have sought to help young people link their education goals with financial and entrepreneurial skills, thus increasing their chances to get a job or start an income-generating business.  

It’s great to see the interactive learning opportunities that JA offers its students, which complement the school’s curricula and welcome first-hand perspectives from the business community. This truly helps young people connect what they are learning in the classroom with what actually happens in the real world and directly helps facilitate their integration into the labour market later on. 

It has been such an enriching experience for our Citi volunteers to personally support students in classroom activities, as part of the ‘Be Entrepreneurial’ programme. Being able to step into the teacher’s shoes and interact with the new generation, understand their aspirations, discover their unique strengths and their way of thinking about life, career and business. Each moment spent with the students was equally amazing and refreshing for us. 

As business volunteers, it is extremely rewarding to give back to the new generation and offer them opportunities that most of us never had while we were in school.

Written by Alexandra Oniceanu-Becut, Head of Corporate Communications at Citi Romania


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