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Volunteering with JA is a win-win experience

The level of appreciation expressed by participating students was also highly impressive. They were eager to learn, continuously asking questions and excited to be part of the project. They caught on very quickly, and in just a few months they were able to hold business meetings and share ideas that mirrored the corporate world quite closely!

Activities, like JA programmes, are quite valuable to students and teachers. They provide students a glimpse into the corporate world, something that is simply not provided through the local educational system. Students get a taste of the real-world and what the future could hold for them after graduating and advancing into their professional careers. It is also a valuable experience for children that are considering next steps in their education. The clarity provided on roles and responsibilities, challenges and allows them to identify functions that are closer to their personal desires. Finally, JA programmes are a great opportunity to develop key soft skills, required for success in today’s global economy. These include: positivity, cooperation, communication, influence, and networking.

But for teachers, it was also a new experience to get in touch with the business sector and sometimes update their approach towards upcoming trends and demands, which could make their students much more successful later on!

I would highly recommend this experience to colleagues. It’s a win-win situation. On one hand you get to share your expertise and insights with the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. On the other, it’s completely rejuvenating to be back in the classroom! 

Written by Constantinos Poulopatis, Senior HR Manager, Citi Greece

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