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Your donation enables us to equip young people with the skills to thrive in the future. By building skills and nurturing self-belief, we prepare youth for the future of jobs, teach them entrepreneurial skills, and ensure they have the tools to be financially capable adults.

By supporting JA Europe and its network in 40 countries, you are supporting the 140,000 teachers, 138,000 volunteers and 800 JA staff who empower over 3,8 million young people in Europe every year.


Our impact would not happen without the meaningful partnerships we build with businesses, institutions and individuals. These collaborations encourage innovation and long-term commitment. Our partners provide funding for educational programmes, join boards, and volunteer directly with students.

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Volunteers are the lifeblood of JA’s hands-on entrepreneurial programmes. You will receive training so that your young JA achievers blossom under your care. Now all we need is you!

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Are you JA? If you participated in Junior Achievement, Young Enterprise, Ung Foretagsamhet or any of the other ways we’re known throughout Europe, you are JA. Whether you were a student, you volunteer(ed) with our organisation, you serve(d) on a board, or you work(ed) at a JA location, you’re part of the alumni and we have a community designed just for you. Connect with global alumni, or focus on your particular country or local area. Get help with your next creative venture, or offer your experience and advice to others. Take advantage of career or business opportunities, or connect your business with tens of thousands of JA alumni.