Leadership, impact, innovation: JA Malta receives TJ Bata Quality Award among 28 JA Model Organisations

JA Malta was recognized as the best-in-class JA Model Organisation for its outstanding performance in leadership, innovation and impact.

The TJ Bata Quality Award comes at a key moment when the JA Europe network gathered for a strategic Leadership Summit this week hosted by JA Malta in Valletta. Since 2009, this award recognises the member organisation that performs long-term at high quality standards and substantially contributes to achieving JA Europe’s strategic goals.

A selection committee made up of JA Europe’s Board members reviews the qualifiers and proposes the winner. JA Malta scored highest across all the criteria, including student growth, school penetration, volunteer and alumni engagement, and engagement in the JA network in Europe.

Speaking on behalf of the Jury of the TJ Bata Quality Award, Elvira Pignal, Trustee of Bata Shoe Foundation stated: “We were impressed by the ambition and the achievements of the organisation over the past year, including an ambitious rebranding and hosting the JA Europe Leadership Summit 2023 in Malta”.

In addition, a total of 28 JA Europe member organisations received the prestigious Model Organisation Award during JA Europe Leadership Summit.

The Award recognises the JA national organisations that perform at the highest quality standards during the last reporting year, meeting or exceeding benchmarks for a minimum of 80% of JA Europe’s key performance indicators (KPIs) established to that end.

The JA Model Organisations for 2022 are:

  • Albania – Junior Achievement of Albania (JA Albania)
  • Austria – Junior Achievement Austria (JA Austria)
  • Belgium – Vlaamse Jonge Ondernemingen (VLAJO)
  • Belgium – Les Jeunes Entreprises (JA Belgium FR)
  • Bulgaria – Junior Achievement Bulgaria (JA Bulgaria)
  • Czech Republic – JA Czech
  • Estonia – Junior Achievement Eesti (JA Eesti)
  • Finland – Nuori Yrittäjyys – Ung Företagsamhet (JA Finland)
  • France – Entreprendre pour Apprendre (EPA)
  • Greece – Junior Achievement Greece (JA Greece)
  • Italy – Junior Achievement Italy (JA Italia)
  • Latvia – Junior Achievement Latvia (JA Latvia)
  • Lithuania – Junior Achievement Lithuania (JA Lithuania)
  • Luxembourg – Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg (JA Luxembourg)
  • North Macedonia – Junior Achievement Macedonia from North Macedonia
  • Malta – JA Malta Foundation (JA Malta)
  • Moldova – Junior Achievement Moldova (JA Moldova)
  • Norway – Ungt Entreprenørskap (UE Norge)
  • Poland – Fundacja Młodzieżowej Przedsiębiorczości (JA Poland)
  • Portugal – Junior Achievement Portugal (JA Portugal)
  • Romania – Junior Achievement Romania (JA Romania)
  • Serbia – Dostignuca Mladih / Junior Achievement Serbia (JA Serbia)
  • Slovakia – Junior Achievement Slovakia (JA Slovakia)
  • Spain – Fundación Junior Achievement España (JA Spain)
  • Sweden – Ung Företagsamhet (UF Sverige)
  • Switzerland- Young Entreprise Switzerland
  • Türkiye – Genç Basari (JA Türkiye)
  • United Kingdom – Young Enterprise UK

About JA Europe

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