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EU4Youth project

“Building Back Better Through Social Entrepreneurship”

Youth empowerment, especially in the realm of employability and skills development, has been central to the EU’s collaboration with its Eastern partners. Building on the EU’s commitment to enhance youth leadership, employability, and entrepreneurship via the EU4Youth programme, we’re excited to announce the launch of “Building Back Better Through Social Entrepreneurship in Georgia, Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine.”

This initiative focuses on the objective of equipping 2,100 young individuals with the tools they need to instigate meaningful economic and societal changes in their respective nations.

Running from August 2023 to July 2025 in the three above-mentioned countries, the project’s mission is to foster a deeper understanding of social entrepreneurship and equip young minds with necessary skills, while simultaneously establishing an ecosystem conducive for the growth of social enterprises.

Read more about the kick-off event: http://www.jaeurope.org/medias/news/1260-launching-eu4youth-building-back-better-through-social-entrepreneurship-a-regional-initiative-to-foster-youth-empowerment-and-social-enterprise.html

Read more on EU Neighbours East website: https://euneighbourseast.eu/news/latest-news/eu4youth-regional-initiative-to-foster-youth-empowerment-and-social-enterprise-launched-in-chisinau/?fbclid=IwAR3ZCXCXLf7qcW0KqVeCOrBJKY4NZNdhn7PiefLeO5DhrbX5UmjgyYUlBSg

Contact person: maxi@jaeurope.org

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