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Start Up Programme

The Start Up Programme gives post-secondary students (aged 19 to 30) the opportunity to experience running their own company, giving them an insight into how their talents could be used to set up in business for themselves.

The Start Up Programme students gain real experience of the world of business: coming up with a concept for a business, creating and researching a business plan, taking responsibility and being accountable to their shareholders for the running of the company.

Students also develop attitudes and skills necessary for personal success and employability, even understanding the inner-workings of business. They gain key understanding in self-employment, business creation, risk-taking and coping with adversity, all with the support of experienced business volunteers.

Programme Impact

  • The entrepreneurial rate among JA alumni is twice as high as the average population
  • JA participants are 25% less likely to be unemployed after graduation
  • 63% of JA alumni are confident managing their own money (compared to 37% of non-JA)
  • JA participants are three times more likely to hold senior or middle management positions

Students gain real-world experience:

  • Build entrepreneurial skills and competencies
  • Develop business concepts from bottom to top
  • Create strong business plans
  • Learn to take responsibility and be accountable to their shareholders

Develop enterprising skills and attitudes:

  • Creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Setting goals and time management

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