Leaders-for-a-Day: Arnaud Böhmer - experience

First impressions after my experience at Euronext

The Leaders for a Day initiative provided me with the opportunity to shadow a senior executive inside his enterprise’s structure. I had the chance to follow Mr. Van Dessel, CEO& Chairman of Euronext in Brussels. Formerly the meeting had to take place on Wednesday 14th, however due to his busy agenda, it was asked to move the shadowing experience a week earlier.

The office is situated in the city centre, I met Ms. Tosheva so she could distribute some materials and explain the programme previously prepared. I started my experience with a committee meeting at 9 o’clock. Various subjects were discussed, Euronext being a pan-European financing centre, this particular group responsible for regulated markets in Belgium. Since 2014 is Euronext quoted on the stock exchange, thus, numbers of stakeholders’ interests have to be taken into account. Around 11 o’clock, after this meeting, I could introduce myself and present to my interlocutor my experience within the JA Programmes. Then, he explained several relevant principles related to Euronext as a financing place, before reaching the major subject, leadership.

Mr. Van Dessel is a passionate and comprehensive leader, the people working around him are forming a tight-knit structure. I appreciate the fact that they took the necessary time to reveal their motivation and I had the opportunity to get an overview of the requirements for these workplaces. Finally, I hope every student participating in Leaders for a Day on Wednesday 14th would learn from their leader as I learned from Mr. Van Dessel and his team.

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