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The JA Europe alumni network brings together young people inspired by their entrepreneurial experience in a JA programme. They want to stay in touch with the organisation and give back, while further developing their leadership and entrepreneurship skills.


The JA Alumni Europe network currently engages over 5,000 alumni volunteers across 20 countries.

Learn more at www.ja-alumni.eu


JA Alumni Facts

JA alumni start more companies and hire more employees, and their firms produce significantly larger annual sales than those led by non-alumni.

United Kingdom: Impact 50 Years of Young Enterprise


JA alumni seem to better grasp the advantages of the European integration, as they tend to be more willing to work abroad.

Why Europe Matters survey, 2017

JA alumni are more optimistic about the future.

Why Europe Matters survey, 2017

Students who took part in the JA Company Programme increase their entrepreneurial ambitions, transversal competences, school motivation and school performance.

Innovation Cluster for Entrepreneurship Education, 2017

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