Leaders-for-a-Day Experience: Kätlin Tammiste

Being a part of Leaders-for-a-Day 2015 was definitely an unforgettable experience. I had the chance to shadow young and inspirational director of New Europe Group Alexandros Koronakis and be myself a journalist in Brussels for one day. At the beginning of the work day we had an interesting interview with a politician from Italy. It was really great to see the process of making an article for the upcoming New Europe newspaper. 

The busy work day continued at Residence Palace at the Digital Single Market summit, where my leader was moderating two sessions. I could hear informative discussions on digital development in global and European context. The insight into the leader’s day gave me a good overview how to be well-organized, keep confident in every situation and communicate with different international leaders. These are definitely the skills that I need to succeed in nowadays competitive labour market.

Apart from this, L4D project gave me an opportunity to extend my international network and meet 36 another ambitious and inspirational young people from all over Europe. Being among these enterprising students gave me a lot of motivation to work hard and develop my dreams into reality. L4D project also made me realize how much I would like to work abroad in an international company. In fact, these young entrepreneurs could actually become my business partners in the future.

All in all, I lack the words to describe these amazing days we had in Brussels. I am cordially thankful to JA Europe, Alexandros Koronakis and 36 young ambitious students, who made this special experience happen and were part of the memory I will definitely cherish forever!

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