Leaders-for-a-Day Experience: Ahmed Msheliza

I want to begin by thanking everybody involved in the organization for this unique experience my peers and I had. The two days I spent were more than fulfilling of my expectations. One of the greatest events I have attended so far in my life. I could not be more humble and appreciative of this exceptional opportunity I had. I tried to gain the most out of the situation and I think I did. 

Having just a day with my inspirational leader the Vice President of International External Affairs, Mr. Karim Lesina and Mr. Wouter Ghysens, Global Project Manager, both from AT&T, showed me what it takes to be a leader in today’s world. 

Mr. Lesina showed me how transparent and down to the ground a leader could be with his colleagues and lead a wonderful and efficient team. Moreover, he advised me and at the same time was curious of my thoughts and experiences. Wanting to know more about me revealed to me that being a leader is about being kind and thoughtful among other important skills. By sharing some life experiences he had, he broadened my way of thinking. I picked some of his thoughts about few interesting topics and I am sure that they enhanced some of my skills acquired from the JA program. Now I am eager to apply them in my future field of work. 

It was delightful to meet such extraordinary likeminded people. I was amazed just by connecting with them for few hours and had a great time debating on few current topics. I am keen on keeping in touch with them in the future and expanding my network of friends. 

I would eternally be grateful for this unique experience, which I could easily say that it is one of those life changing experiences, people have once in a life time. Spending just couple of days reassured and made me more confident in my path of choice in life.

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