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  • JA Europe brings policy-makers 'Back to School'

    08 February 2016

    JA Europe, in cooperation with its membership across Europe, is launching the ‘JA Back to School’ campaign, an endeavour to bring more entrepreneurship into the classroom. Members of National Parliaments (MPs) and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are invited to (re)connect with schools in their country and witness entrepreneurship education in action.

  • Social Innovation Relay: youth impulse for a better tomorrow

    19 January 2016

    JA Europe and NN Group are partnering to implement the sixth edition of the Social Innovation Relay (SIR), a global initiative which brings together experienced business mentors and students to advance real world social problem-solving in their local communities and beyond.

  • JA Europe-Citi Foundation partnership kicks off to increase youth entrepreneurship in Europe

    26 November 2015

    JA Europe and the Citi Foundation have renewed their partnership and will continue to foster entrepreneurship in Europe at secondary and post-secondary education level. As part of the Citi Foundation’s global Pathways to Progress initiative the Foundation will support the JA Company Programme and Start Up Programme, both of which help prepare young people to thrive in today’s economy. Students will be equipped with invaluable skills in both entrepreneurship and financial literacy. 

  • JA Europe and Hyundai join forces to tackle skills gap in Europe’s job market

    18 November 2015

    For the fourth consecutive year, Hyundai Motor Europe and JA Europe are partnering to encourage young people to improve Europe’s ability to remain competitive and innovative. The ‘Skills for the Future’ initiative aims to improve the entrepreneurial skills and employability of Europe’s young people by building their competences in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and awareness on sustainability in the automotive industry and beyond.   

  • Danish startup wins AmCham EU Youth Entrepreneurship Award

    12 November 2015

    AmCham EU and JA Europe are pleased to announce that COOL4SEA, a Danish start-up, is the winner of the 2015 AmCham EU Youth Entrepreneurship Award. COOL4SEA, founded by JA alumni, has developed innovative technology to harness energy from heat on-board ships so it can be used for cooling, resulting in impressive environmental and economic benefits for the shipping industry. The jury was impressed not only with the innovative concept, but with the significant technical and engineering skills required to develop such technology. Organized in collaboration with JA Europe, the award aims to showcase young people with entrepreneurial talent. 

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