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Entrepreneurial Skills Pass and HP LIFE e-Learning provide skills training to Europe’s young people

Daniela Opp, Global Manager, Economic Progress Initiatives, HP Corporate Affairs

It’s a tough time for Europe’s young people. Over 5 million are unemployed and those who don’t go on to higher education are particularly vulnerable. At the same time, many European employers experience difficulties finding young people with the right skills to fill their vacancies. Developing solutions to these challenges is critical if we want to secure a bright future for Europe’s young people and a strong European economy.


The Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) has been developed by Junior Achievement-Young Enterprise (JA-YE), in collaboration with HP and other partners, and is part of the Skills for Jobs European Business Campaign. The first pan-European certification for entrepreneurship education, the ESP is addressing these dual challenges by providing students, aged 15-19, with a real entrepreneurial experience while they are still at school.

Working with teachers and business advisors, students create a company from scratch developing skills in areas such as creativity, self-confidence and teamwork. The testing process is rigorous. Students have to assess their own development in these key areas at three points over the year, and take a comprehensive online exam to test their business, financial and economic knowledge.

Students who hold an ESP certificate can clearly demonstrate their business knowledge, skills and competences while recruiters have a sound base from which to make decisions about potential new employees.

HP is delighted to support JA-YE with this exciting initiative, through our free online IT and business skills training program, HP LIFE e-Learning, which is included in the ESP as a pre-exam tool for students.

HP LIFE e-Learning enables young people to gain the business and IT skills that help create jobs and stimulate economic growth. Powered by HP technology, it is accessed directly by self-paced learners and is also used by educators, trainers, and mentors to enrich their curriculum. Twenty-five courses, available in seven languages including English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, cover core business competencies. The program also offers a range of additional features, including certification, advice and access to a global online community. HP LIFE e-Learning is part of HP Living Progress, HP’s framework for thinking about how it does business. It is how HP is working to create a better future for everyone through its actions and innovations.

The ESP, which is co- funded by the European Commission, has already been successfully piloted in 16 countries with plans for it to be rolled out in 26 countries by the end of 2016.

The ESP is an important step forward in preparing Europe’s young people for a successful future - whether they want to continue in education, enter the business world or set up their own company. HP is proud HP LIFE e-Learning is helping play a part.

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Category : Entrepreneurship, Business Volunteering, Entrepreneurship Education, Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) Posted : 6 March 2015 10:04 UTC
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Daniela Opp, Global Manager, Economic Progress Initiatives, HP Corporate Affairs

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